RW-30X / RW-31X 

Portable Three-Phase Meter Site Analyzer

ANSI and IEC Compatible


Integrated Radian Research RX series reference standard


RX-31 & RW-30X



RADIAN RW-30/31X Meter Site Analyzers deliver comprehensive three-phase field testing and site analysis utilizing the Radian Research RX Xytronic series reference standard as its measurement engine. The RW-30/31X provides for testing meters with integrated, precision, true three-phase voltage and current sources or using customer’s load. Choose the RW-30/31X NS (no source) model to test using customer’s load only.

The RW can perform a complete meter site analysis encompassing Power Quality, Meter Testing, and Transformer Testing without removing the meter. Capabilities including Waveform Capture, Harmonic Analysis, CT Testing, Vector Diagrams and Trend Recording provide validation and peace of mind that the entire metering installation is correct.

Control of the RW is done through a familiar Windows GUI running on an embedded computer. A durable screen protector supplies an extra safeguard for the 8.4” LCD screen while shielding against glare for better visibility. The intuitive touch screen interface of Winboard Embedded Testing Software leads you step by step through installation, wiring checks, testing, and record keeping. Unlimited test profiles, sequences and site configurations may be created and saved. Test results are stored and fully compatible with industry leading WECO WATT-Net™ Meter Test Data and Asset Management software platform, for ultimate enterprise level management of your field testing operation. Data can also be exported as simple Microsoft™ Excel, user-defined, or PDF files.  

RW-3X Meter Accuracy Testing

Meter Testing with the RW allows you to really put a meter through its paces. Test any combination of elements, phases and test types with the selection of a predefined test sequence. Results are clearly displayed in an easy to read table. The user is alerted to tests that fall outside of a specified accuracy range by results that are clearly labeled in red.  

RW-3X Wiring Check

Wiring Check allows you to verify the service at a site and get valuable information about the service type, voltages, currents and phase angles. Wiring Check will also alert you to potential problems with the service.  

RW-3X Site Information

Site Information allows you to set up and recall specific information on the devices at a test site such as meters, current transformers and potential transformers. This method of data management keeps you from having to enter information while out in the field. If data is changed in the field the RW updates the site information database so it’s saved for the next time you test the site.

RW-3X Transducer Testing

The RW is capable of testing transducers with outputs between +/−20mA. 

RW-3X Harmonic Analysis

The system’s powerful Harmonic Analysis feature displays harmonic data (both RMS and percent of fundamental) for all three phases up to the 60th harmonic as a bar graph or table format.   

RW-3X Waveform Analysis

Waveform analysis gives you the ability to view voltage and current waveform graphs for all three phases. You can view a real time waveform graph for any combination of phases. The interactive graph allows you to zoom in and out as well as retrieve exact numerical measurements by clicking on any point. 

RW-3X CT Testing

Transformer Testing allows for the selection of any combination of ratio measurement and burden testing up to a maximum of 4.0 Ohms. Selected tests automatically run through in a single pass. Numerical results are given which are also plotted on a parallelogram. A separate “Demag” process can be run to demagnetize the transformer under test.

RW-3X Results

Retrieve data on the calculated electrical quantities for transformer secondaries and primaries of the meter installation with the RW’s Secondary and Primary Checks. Everything from Volts to VARS is measured, in real time, across all three phases for each check. Results are clearly displayed in a color-coded table and can be veiwed in real time or a snapshot.


The RW-30X consists of an integrated true three-phase voltage and current source with a RADIAN RX-30 Xytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard as its measurement engine. The RX-30 has a guaranteed accuracy of 0.04% for all of its measurement functions. The RW-30X supports meter testing using controlled voltage and current sources as well as customer’s load.

The RW-31X consists of an integrated true three-phase voltage and current source with a RADIAN RX-31 Xytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard as its measurement engine. The RX-31 has a guaranteed accuracy of 0.02% for all of its measurement functions making it ideal for testing of highest accuracy class meters. Like RW-30X, the RW-31X supports meter testing using controlled voltage and current sources as well as customer’s load.

The RW-30/31X NS (No Source) allows you to test a meter using customer’s load and service voltage. Two accuracy options are available through selection of the desired RADIAN RX Xytronic Reference Standards: 0.04% (RW-30X NS) and 0.02% (RW-31X NS).

RX Reference Standard




RW-30X Cables

All RW-30 and RW-31 accessories are compatible with the RW-30/31X NS.

Cable Sets:

(BW0157) RW-30X / RW-31X Portable Three-Phase Meter Site Source Analyzer Basic Cable Set

Items (BW0193) and (BW0219) can be ordered to replace the basic (BW0157) cable set.

Radian Research RW Adapter

The Radian RW-3x Portable Three Phase Meter Site Analyzer Socket Adapters allow for safe and easy access to meter test points in the field. Simply remove the meter, install the socket adapter, and place the meter into the adapter. Minimize service outage duration and streamline the testing setup. The custom cable assembly ensures proper connection every time and minimizes the manual touch points of individual cable connections. These socket adapters supply power to the RW and ensure proper wiring configuration for the testing to be performed. 

AL0065 - RW-30 Adapter, Form 16S
AL0066 - RW-30 to Socket Adapter, Cable Assembly
AL0075 - RW-30 Adapter, Form 1S/2S/12S/25S
AL0084 - RW-30 Socket Adapter Interface Kit 




RW-30/31X Brochure

RW-30/31X NS Brochure (Customer Load Testing Only)

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