Engineering Solutions 

RADIAN provides instruments, systems, software and services for
Engineering Applications at both Electric Utilities and Meter
Manufacturers across the globe.

Design Engineers at Meter Manufacturers have relied on RADIAN Standards and WECO Test Boards for nearly forty years. Meter Engineers at Electric Utilities use RADIAN Solutions to support the utility’s Lab, Shop and Site operations. ANY engineer designing or supporting electric power and energy measurement devices or systems profoundly benefits from RADIAN Solutions. RADIAN RX Xytronic Reference Standards, RS-933 Syntron Automated Calibration System and WECO 4330 Test Boards provide measurement, analysis and test capabilities without compare or compromise, satisfying the most demanding engineer.


Syntron Power and Energy Automated Calibration System
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RADIAN RX-30, RX-31 and RX-33

Xytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard
+/- 0.04%, +/- 0.02%, +/- 0.01%

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WECO 4050X, 4150X and 4330X Testboards

WECO 4050X, 4150X and 4330X

Automated Meter Test Boards 
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RW-3X and WECO 3230

WECO 3230

Three-Phase Smart Socket 
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WECO 300

WECO 300

Desktop Meter Test Station
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WECO 3206G

AMR Module Warm-Up Station 
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