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WECO Software Solutions’ WATT-Net™ Test and Asset
Management Software provides versatile solutions
easily tailored and scalable to utilities of any size or type. 

ANSI and IEC Compatible

WATT-Net Test and Asset Management Software

Designed by Metering Professionals

WECO Software Solutions, RADIAN’s software business unit, pioneered meter shop software for electric utilities over 35 years ago and continues to lead in this arena. WATT-Net™ Test and Asset Management Software provides configurable and scalable out-of-the-box solutions to utilities of any size or type. Specifically designed for the metering industry, WATT-Net combines powerful functionality with ease of use to deliver a full featured application.

WATT-Net features full lifecycle management of all metering assets to serve the testing and energy measuring needs of meter shops and field-testing operations. The integration of all meter test data enables utilities to leverage all the power of RADIAN hardware solutions, increasing reliability and extending the life of your metering asset. 

RADIAN was recently named Company of the Year in the Utilities Asset Management solutions category. RADIAN received this award in recognition of our knowledge of utility metering, relationships with meter manufacturers and control of industry leading test system hardware. Our excellence in these areas is exemplified by WATT-Net Test and Asset Management Software.

One Platform Configurable to Meet YOUR Needs

RADIAN understands a customer’s needs change and grow with time. WATT-Net adapts to utility business rules to provide a powerful, configurable software solution that can be maintained and managed by the utility themselves to meet their objectives efficiently.

WATT-Net is structured in a modular fashion that enables optimum flexibility and expansion. The foundation of the platform is built on a secure and stable framework for efficient scalability as new features are added.

WATT-Net is provided at No Charge with EVERY RADIAN Test System. It provides ultimate control of the test hardware while providing essential meter shop and field data management with flexible custom configuration.

WATT-Net is the entry point of test and data management that provides utilities the essentials in meter testing control and management. Build advanced test sequences; organize results; report, import and export data. 

Database and Administration Module

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WATT-Net’s Database and Administration Module provides security enhancements and central database management capability for a small or large enterprise operation. It provides a powerful, cost-effective solution for Test Data Management and enables expansion of the WATT-Net platform into application specific Modules and Integrations.

The Database and Administration Module expands the power of WATT-Net beyond individual workstations to provide a single repository and managed location for all shop and field data. Multiple workstations share configuration so that a single change in WATT-Net can be implemented enterprise wide. Server management is isolated to a single repository for efficiency and ease.

The Database and Administration Module’s security features allow for flexible configuration to assign group and user permissions for each menu item and editor. Powerful enough to provide ability for complex group settings and allow users to be assigned to multiple groups, yet flexible enough to allow simplified security settings to manage user workflow.  

WATT-Net Software Chart

Modules, Integrations and Services

The primary WATT-Net structure consists of application focused Modules, Integrations and Services. Once the Database and Administration Module is purchased , ANY Modules and/or Integrations can be added to WATT-Net providing ultimate flexibility in expanding the platform. Services can be applied wherever desired to assist with WATT-Net implementation. Whatever your needs, and no matter the size of your business, RADIAN will work closely with you to ensure your success and maximize the value of your investment by providing you with a tailored solution.


Meter Shop Operations

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The Meter Shop Operations module is the ultimate process workflow and test procedure manager. Build business rules to manage and enforce standard operating procedures. Manage and track your sample acceptance testing process utilizing built-in protocols. Populate boxes or pallets in preparation to transfer inventory. 

 Sample and Periodic Testing

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The Sample and Periodic Testing module manages your entire meter deployment to build-up Random, In-Service and Periodic sample testing programs that meet best business practices or your regulated testing requirements. Utilize the included ANSI or Milspec sampling protocols to create and track progress of your testing program.

Equipment Support

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The Equipment Support module provides a complete management solution for organizing and tracking asset repair, replacement, tampering, maintenance and calibration. 

Inventory Management

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The Inventory Management module offers the ability to create buying recommendations based on availability, supply patterns, and seasonality. It allows the understanding of what you have and what you need. It manages the inventory location, status and provides reporting for simplified accounting and tracking for year-end audits. 

Asset Lifecycle Management

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Designed for Gas and Electric Utilities, this module provides complete asset lifecycle management. Its highly configurable capability allows for easy adoption and standardization throughout the organization. This combines with powerful out-of-the–box features helping utilities operate efficiently without limiting process uniqueness.  


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Simple or complex, WATT-Net Integrations provide an array of solutions to send or receive data or statuses to other systems. Real-time or Scheduled transactions via files or APIs into enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM or utility developed solutions are enabled by the powerful and intelligent Listener Application Server. Integrations into AMI head end for continued updates or local connection to meter platforms for Advanced Functional Testing are also available. 

Schneider – Ion
Landis Gyr - TechStudio​
Sensus – Spotlight

Landis Gyr - Command Center
Scheduled Custom
Real-Time Custom
Read/Write API

Mobile Web Apps

Secure and manage assets with Listener enabled Mobile Web Apps running on Apple’s iOS, macOS, Google Android or Microsoft Windows.

Field Assistant: update site records, manage and control test equipment, sync data with WATT-Net.

Shop Assistant: untether personnel and increase efficiency using mobile devices to manage inventory.

Web Inventory Control: automate point-to-point inventory.

Web Data Reporting: preview and download 
test records from a secure web portal.


The following services are available to assist in various aspects of WATT-Net implementation.  

WECO Legacy Data Conversion ​
3rd Party Data Conversion ​
DataView Configuration ​
Import/Export Configuration
Custom Development 

Requirements Gathering​
Installation Services
Process Improvement Workshop
Project Management




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