WECO 4050X, 4150X and 4330X 

Automated Meter Test Boards

ANSI and IEC Compatible


The BEST Meter Test Board EVER!



WECO Electric Meter Test Boards have set the standard at electric utility meter shops and meter manufacturers across North America for over 35 years. The WECO 4000X Series raises that standard once again.

WECO 4050X, 4150X and 4330X Automated Meter Test Boards represent the touchstone in meter testing systems providing a combination of accuracy, automation and versatility that is unrivalled. All three models deliver true three-phase voltage of 20 to 600 VAC and test current from 0.001 to 50, 150 and 330 Amps, respectively.  

WECO 4050X, 4150X and 4330X


The very heart of a meter test board is its reference standard. Every WECO Meter Test Board has a RADIAN reference standard as its measurement engine. RADIAN Power and Energy Reference Standards are RESPECTED worldwide for their LEGENDARY accuracy, precision and stability. All WECO 4000X Series Test Boards feature a RADIAN RX Xytronic Three-Phase Standard available with 0.04%, 0.02% or 0.01% accuracy. The WECO 4330X Meter Test Board with a 0.01% accuracy RX-33 reference standard is quite simply the most accurate, functionally advanced meter test board EVER!

The second foundational element that distinguishes a test board is the meter socket. The WECO Smart Socket™ uses high conduction silver and gold connections with electronic socket control to provide optimum connection and extended hardware lifespan. The Zero Insertion Force socket features a true dead front design for ultimate operator safety. Continuous refinement over three decades of experience make this vintage of the WECO Smart Socket the best.

The final element of an exceptional meter test board and capstone of any meter test system is software. WECO pioneered meter shop software for Electric Utilities over 35 years ago and continues to lead in this arena. WECO Software Solutions’ WATT-Net™ Basic is complimentary with every WECO test board and provides the essentials in meter testing control and management. Build advanced test sequences, control every test parameter and generate test data compatible with all major databases. WATT-Net Basic is the entry point onto the WATT-Net platform of Meter Test Data and Asset Management Software solutions that can be easily tailored and scaled to utilities of any size or type. 

The RADIAN RX Xytronic Standard, WECO Smart Socket and WATT-Net Software combine to make the WECO 4000X Meter Test Board the absolute Best in Class! 

WECO Meter Farm



The 4150X and 4330X both have harmonic generation capabilities, you can now put various meter brands and meter technologies through a full harmonic analysis. With generation to the 60th harmonic and independent harmonic control in each of the current and voltage circuits (6 channels) as defined by order, magnitude and phase, you can get the full picture of how a metering device is going to perform.

We have extended the analysis functionalities to bring real world field conditions back to the shop. Captured harmonic and/or trend data from the RW-30X can be played back allowing various meters to be tested under actual field load conditions. The load condition can be automatically played back from the captured data, providing an accuracy per meter “revolution” and the average accuracy of the entire test. 

 There is more than one way to run a VAR test, and ANSI is constantly approving new calculation methods. Unlike other test systems, the 4050X,  4150X and 4330X allow you to select from any ANSI approved calculation method to test a meter. This gives your utility the ability to choose the method that best fits its structure and needs, rather than having to accept the single method that a particular system is capable of testing. 

With this latest generation of test system we aimed to build the most reliable hardware on the market. Voltage and current sources feature fuseless self-protection technology, providing hardware protection from short-circuit, thermal, and over-current fault conditions.

Our state-of-the-art card cage provides ease of maintenance. The labeled circuit boards easily plug into the cage. If necessary, simple as well as fast troubleshooting is possible because the boards can be swapped between phases to quickly check for hardware failures.

WECO 4330X






With this optional interface you can test and program meters without changing heads. Just clamp the head on for testing and forget worrying about aligning optics or detecting creep holes. When the test is complete you can program the meter without replacing heads. The OPTOCOM™ option
takes the error and effort out of meter testing. 

Turbo Test

Turbo Test™

WECO has partnered with the industry’s leading meter manufacturers to bring you Turbo Test™ technology. Slash the amount of time it takes to test a supported meter on any WECO three-phase test board to nearly one-fifth of regular testing time. Convenient software wizards make setting up and running a Turbo Test simple. Save valuable time and money with WECO’s Exclusive Turbo Test option.

Barcode Reader

Barcode Scanner

Attach an optional barcode scanner and printer to your testboard to cut meter processing and data entry time. Scan AEP barcodes on meters with a wave of the barcode scanner to automate the data entry process, or print custom barcodes to automate customer information entry during testing. Either way the optional barcode scanner and printer will save your shop time and money.


Test Adapters 

Transformer Rated Meter and CT Lab Test Adapters for use with WECO 4330 and 4150 Test Boards
• Single Phase A-Base Adapter
• Poly Phase A-Base Adapter
• Zebra ZM400 Bar Code Printer
• Zebra Bar Code Printer Software
• M4150 Standards Compare Adapter, External RD-3X/2X. Supports testing up to 120 amps using external RD-3X standard. Supports up to 66 amps using external RD-2X standard.
• 225 Amp Standards Compare Kit for RD Standards SCA-3-RD-Kit.
• SCA-4, Socket to Panel Meter Adapter
• IEC to Socket Adapter, Universal (requires modification to front panel of test board)

Streetlight Adapter

Street Light Adapter

Radian Research’s ANSI to C136 Street Light Adapter allows for the meter testing on integrated street light meters. This street light adapter can be utilized on any Radian Research test board for street light meters that have the meter's power supply and voltage measurement on the LINE side of the meter. Simply run the Street Light Meter as a form 1S on your Radian Research test board.  







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