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Radian Research understands that proximity and availability are key to building trust with customers. To help international customers reduce turnaround times and increase equipment uptime, we are pleased to offer the RADIAN CSP (Certified Service Partner) program. The CSP program enables qualified laboratories to offer calibration and repair services locally keeping your equipment in optimal operating condition.

A RADIAN CSP maintains appropriate RADIAN equipment, qualified personnel and 17025 Accredited Lab and/or national accreditations in the field of Power & Energy Measurement. It may service and calibrate RADIAN warranty and non-warranty equipment owned by customers in its region.

Every RADIAN CSP was selected after careful assessment of feedback from local National Metrology Institutes, visits to the CSP to assess capabilities and assurances made that resources are available to maintain an appropriate level of accredited status for Power and Energy. You can rest assured the your equipment is in qualified hands.

RADIAN is always interested in expanding its CSP network. Please contact us if you are a lab that meets the qualifications and are interested in becoming a RADIAN CSP.

RADIAN Certified Service Partners


About 1A CAL GmbH 

1A CAL GmbH (www.1ACAL.de) – the Falderbaumstraße 23 calibration & repair facility was established in 2010 with a focus on dc/lf electrical calibrations. A long established relationship with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) as well as an inhouse Josephson Array helped support 1A CAL lab accreditation to the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). The motivation and knowledgeable 1A CAL team prides itself on being accessible to customers while offering cost effective yet reliable equipment calibration and repair services.

Click to view the Accreditation document >>

Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Western Asia and India
Address: Falderbaumstrasse 23, 34123 Kassel, Germany
Phone: 0561-4917448-0
Fax: 0561-4917448-99
Email: kontakt@1acal.de
Website: https://1acal.de/?page=referenzen&lang=english 

Radium Ray

About Radium Ray (Shanghai) Precision Instrument Co., Ltd 

Founded in 2009, Radium Ray (Shanghai) Precision Instrument Co., Ltd is an exclusive distributor of Radian Research, Inc. in China. Radium Ray is dedicated to developing precision measurement technologies, providing and introducing innovative precision measurement solutions. Through the collaboration with Radian Research, Radium Ray successfully developed energy reference standards with accuracy of 0.02%, automated remote monitoring system (RMS) and high precision current clamps. With years of experience in meter testing, Radium Ray has cultivated its own research and design team in power and energy measurement and greatly improved its engineering capabilities. Radium Ray will continue to leverage the cutting-edge technologies and deliver better quality products and services to the Chinese test and measurement industry.

Region: China
Address: No. 2 North Caoxi Road, Room 201, 737 Lane
Shanghai, PRC 200031
Phone: 86-21-52954540
Fax: 86-21-52954543
Email: ren_zhaonan@rosanna.com.cn
Wechat: Search “雷锐精密仪器” in Wechat 

Metric Laboratory

About METRIC laboratory 

The METRIC laboratory is a "laboratory dedicated to electrical metrology that provides calibration services for electric power meters, electric reference standards and instrument transformers for all of Guatemala and Central America." Other services include: performance testing of energy meters, consultancy and training in electrical metrology, and verification of network analyzers and multimeters.

The brand was born in 2016, but the energy meter calibration laboratory dates back more than 60 years, some of its main clients are: Electric utilities, Generators and distributors. Metric is accredited by the COGUANOR NTG/ISO/IEC 17205-2017 standard of the OGA Guatemalan Accreditation Office.

Click to view Acreditacion METRIC de OGA >>

Region:  Central America and South America
Address:  8th. Av 29-51 Zone 8 City, Guatemala
Phone:  24204000  ext: 2256
Email: consultas@metriclaboratorio.com
Website: metriclaboratorio.com

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