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The RM-KYZ Pulse Input Adapter is used to sense the KYZ output pulses of induction type or solid state meters. The pulses received from the meter's KYZ output are conditioned and fed into the input section of the RM-1N Solid State Meter Interface or the RM-111 Automated Compatator. With the RM-KYZ and the RM-1N or RM-111, testing of KYZ equipped meters is done automatically. The RM-KYZ is used for Form C true three wire outputs. The RM-KYZ can be used with the RS-703 Laboratory Calibration Systems.

The RR-KYZ is used with the RD Dytronic Standards built in comparator option. The RR-KYZ supports both Form A and Form C outputs. The RR-KYZ can also be used with Radian Portable Test Systems. The RR-KYZ can be used with the RS-933 Laboratory Calibration Systems.

Use with RM-1N RM-111 or RS-703 System
RM-KYZ (Form C only)

Use with RD Standard, RM-111, RS-933 System or RB-10 Portable Test Systems
RR-KYZ (Form A and C)


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