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The RR-DS Meter Disk Sensor is used with the RD Dytronic Standards built in comparator option. RR-DS Meter Disk Sensors are also used by Radian Portable Test Systems. RR-DS sensors do not require an AC adapter and are available in three mounting options.

RR-DS/sm Meter Disk Sensor (suction mount version)    

The RM-DS Meter Disk Sensor is a reflective pickup assembly used to sense the disk rotation of an induction type meter. The pulses generated by the RM-DS are fed into the input section of the RM-1N Solid State meter Interface or the RM-111 Automated Comparator. With the RM-DS and the RM-1N or RM-111, testing of induction type meters is done automatically and with a high degree of accuracy as compared to using a conventional push-button or snap switch. All RM-DS Meter Disk Sensors can also be used with RS Laboratory Calibration Systemss.

RM-DS/sm Meter Disk Sensor (suction mount version) RM-DS/s Meter Disk Sensor (shop mount version) RM-DS/f Meter Disk Sensor (field mount version)


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