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Record, Store and Transfer Test Data

The ability to create and store multiple test configurations and then transfer from a PC to RM-17 ensures consistent field test procedures.  Time stamped test records are stored in RM-17 memory for later transfer to a PC.

Rugged, Lightweight Package

Weighing only 7 pounds, the RM-17 offers the most reliable solution to on-site meter testing.

Simple Operation

Simple and safe enough for non-metering personnel yet advanced enough for experienced meter technicians. The RM-17 offers flexibility not provided by other test methods.

Portable Printer Support

With the optional RM-RPP Remote Portable Printer test results can be printed at the site. This feature provides customer assurance along with a printed record of the meter test.

METERcert Software

With Radian’s new METERcert software, metering personal can use the same familiar RM-17 hardware on-site and in the shop. METERcert software provides an interface that allows up to sixteen RM-17s to be operated at the same time.


The Radian Research RM-17 Portable Watthour Test System offers simplicity for testing residential watthour meters. In a compact, lightweight package of 7 pounds, the RM-17 delivers accuracy and flexibility in a practical solution to watthour meter testing. The RM-17 combines simple operation, advanced data management, and exceptional accuracy to provide a cost effective approach to field testing.

The RM-17 Portable Watthour Test System is the most accurate self-contained residential meter test system available. Unlike other meter testers, the RM-17 is not simply a verifier. Instead, the RM-17 incorporates a true Radian Research watthour standard as its reference. The RM-17 provides a guaranteed accuracy of +/- 0.05%, which is traceable to the National Institute of Standard and Technology. The accuracy and repeatability of the internal Radian watthour standard allows for the Energy meter's accuracy to be validated with confidence.

The RM-17 Portable Watthour Test System automates and greatly simplifies on-site testing of residential billing meters. Ease of use allows non-metering personnel to easily perform testing associated with billing complaints. Test results are clearly shown on the RM-17's display for the operator and the electric utility customer. Clear, straightforward test procedures make it easy for the utility customer to observe and understand the test. Portable printer support allows test results to be printed at the site for further customer assurance.

The RM-17 eliminates the need for manual record keeping making paperless meter testing a reality. Up to 100 sets of test result data can be stored in the RM-17 Hand Controller. These results can later be uploaded to a computer for storage and manipulation. All test results are time/date stamped enhancing maintenance of test records. Identifying information such as User ID and Meter ID can be entered and stored with the results of each test.

The ability to create and store multiple test configurations in the hand controller further simplifies the role of field test personnel. Standard test configurations can be created with a computer using optional PCA-Link™ software. These setups can then be downloaded into multiple hand controllers ensuring consistent test procedures across an entire field test operation.

The RM-17’s rugged performance is backed by a two year warranty to help lower cost of ownership.

Technical Data

Package Contents
Hand Controller
Socket Adapter
Hex Tool
9V Battery
Tube of Meter Lubrication
Operators Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Package Check Sheet
Unity Power Factor 0.01% typical, 0.05% maximum
0.5 Lag Power Factor* 0.01% typical, 0.05% maximum
* Power factor is referenced to Watthours and it is also assumed that voltage is the reference vector
Normal Operating Conditions  
Input voltage 60-600 VAC (Autorange)
Output current 0-50 Amps (Adjustable)
Power factor Unity and 0.5 lagging power factor
Relative humidity 0-95%
Frequency 48-62 Hz
Orientation Any
Recalibration 365 days
Shock and vibration Any which is nondestructive
Normal operating range -20° to 70° C (-4° to 158° F)
Physical Description  
Hand Controller 190 mm (7.5") x 105 mm (4") x 33 mm (1.25")
Socket Adapter 178 mm (7.0") x 178 mm (7.0")
Weight 7 lbs.
Pickup Terminal Lemo, pulse input for Radian RR-1H or RR-DS
Input/Output Terminal BNC, RM-1S Remote Reset Switch
Input/Output Terminal BNC, 0.00001 pulse output value
Printer/PCA Terminal RM-PCA Communications to RS-232 port and Serial Printer Interface



Meter Test Software


Multi Position Meter Test Software


Remote Reset Switch


Optical Pickup


Remote Portable Printer

  RM-TS and RD-TJ

Test Jack


Disk Sensor


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