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  RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard



RM-111 Product Information

Unparalleled Testing Versatility
• Test any Reference Standard Converter
• Test any Watthour Billing Meter
• Test any Test Board

Optimum Testing Efficiency Eliminate Manual Recordkeeping
• Calculate/Display Test Results
• Store/Upload Test Data

Compatible with all Radian Pickups Infrared and Visible Light
• Disk Rotation
• KYZ Pulse

Simple Operation
• Light, Compact Package

The Radian Research RM-111 Automated Comparator is the definitive test accessory for use with Radian reference standards. The RM-111 eliminates manual calculation and recordkeeping associated with two primary applications: field testing of watthour billing meters and laboratory testing of reference standards.

The RM-111 uses precise digital counters to count and compare calibration pulses from reference standards and billing meters. Upon entering test parameters, such as Kh and test duration, the RM-111 facilitates the testing process then calculates, displays and stores the results of the test. The RM-111's versatility enables strategic automation of field and lab testing operations while maintaining compatibility with existing test equipment.

In the field, the RM-111 provides for convenient and cost effective testing of solid state and induction meters. The RM-111 facilitates the test by prompting the user for needed input then automatically calculates and displays test results in the format of % registration or % error. Results can be optionally stored within the RM-111 and later uploaded to a PC running Radian RM-111 Link™ Test Software. The RM-111 eliminates the need for a notebook computer in the field. This flexibility makes the RM-111 an ideal complement to a load box with no built-in computing capabilities.

In the standards lab, the RM-111 automates testing of any electronic or electromechanical watthour reference standards. Up to three standards can be averaged for improved stability and repeatability. Three singlephase standards can be summed by the RM-111 to simulate one polyphase standard. Test results are again calculated and displayed on the RM-111. Optimum testing efficiency is achieved by interfacing the RM-111 to a PC running Radian RM-111 Link™ Test Software. This combination allows any existing voltage and current source to be transformed into an automated standards testing system with powerful data collection, calculation and management capabilities.

The RM-111 provides universal compatibility with all existing Radian Standards and Test Accessories. Also, meter test data is stored in similar format to that of the RM-17 Portable Test System making the RM-111 an ideal polyphase complement to the single phase RM-17.



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