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WECO WUB Meter Warm Up Board


Improve test yield and increase the capacity to do more with less!

Meter Qulification Boards

WECO Meter Qualification Boards by Radian Research enable extensive functional testing of single-phase and three-phase revenue grade electricity meters. Unlike Warm-up Boards and Load Boards that are limited to just powering the meter or applying a fixed current, WECO Meter Qualification Boards can test a variety of metrology, communications, disconnect and safety features. The WECO 8020, 8030 and 8040 have varying capabilities based on your requirements. They feature an innovative open socket design exclusive to RADIAN that ensures optimum operator safety. Capability, versatility and safety combine to make WECO Meter Qualification Boards THE logical choice.

Meet ANY Testing Need

RADIAN understands that meters are tested by the utility in different manners for different applications and purposes. Meters tested for the first time will have a different set of tests than meters being returned. Meter Engineering will have different testing requirements than the Meter Shop. Regardless of the application or purpose of the testing, there is a WECO Meter Qualification Board model suited to meet your needs.

Bullet    Power up the meter to determine if meter functions and displays no errors
Bullet    Allow the meter to register on the utility billing system; using PLC or RF communications
Bullet    Program meter firmware, via COMS or Optical Port
Bullet    Confirm meter response to different loads, harmonics, drop cycle and phase imbalance
Bullet    Confirm meter disconnect and reconnect
Bullet    Set, read and trigger alarms
Bullet    Set meter demand/rate/tariff
Bullet    Delivered and Received Energy
Bullet    Voltage Imbalance, Sags and Swells
Bullet    Selectable power factor
Bullet    Apply harmonic waveforms on the Voltage and/or Current axis


Meter Qualification Boards

Innovative Open Socket Design

All WECO Meter Qualification Boards utilize a RADIAN exclusive open socket design that assures safety and continued functionality when socket positions do not have a meter inserted. Safety is assured by dead front operation whereby empty sockets are not energized. Functionality is enhanced because an open socket does not prevent any populated sockets from operating. This unique feature eliminates the need to insert a Bypass Plate into an open socket to ensure safety and functional continuity.

Versatile Control Interfaces

The local WECO Meter Qualification Board control interface is a 7 inch Color Touch Screen located in the center of each four socket bank.

The control panel allows the user to set parameters, view meter status and define preferences. An Ethernet port provides the means of all communication to an external PC. A Virtual Serial Comm port installed on the PC enables Serial-over-Ethernet capabilities that would normally require physical serial connections. This feature allows for use of manufacturer’s software to update meter firmware and programming, using an optional Optocom adapter. Ultimate automation can be attained by using WATT-Net Software for advanced test sequencing, ANSI statistical sampling and test result storage.

Additional Safety Provisions

Along with the exclusive open socket, dead front design mentioned earlier, RADIAN has taken additional measures to assure operator safety. A resettable breaker is installed at each socket to protect the unit against a faulty meter installation. Socket independent over-current circuitry protects internal voltage and current sources from inadvertent overloads. A power switch is located on the front panel to disable the entire bay (four sockets). Multiple bays combined in a cabinet are protected using a single Emergency stop button.

Flexible Configurations

RADIAN designed each unit of the 8020, 8030 and 8040 to host up to four meters at one time. Multiple units can be combined to create a system supporting up to 24 sockets in a two high, three wide rack. Each bank of four sockets can operate independently or be configured to create one multi-socket solution controlled from an external PC.

All WECO Meter Qualification Boards come standard with a mechanical lever to open and close individual socket jaws. An optional 8xxx-E automated jaw actuator is available. Removable shelves with customizable under-shelf cupboards and drawers are also provided. A typical two/four dimension; 77” high x 76” wide x 22” deep (add 18” for shelf) with 70” from floor to top meter center line & 36” floor to bottom meter centerline.

Technical Data

Meter Qualification Boards Configuration Chart


Feature 8020 8030 8040
Dimensions 25” W x 21”H 25” W x 21”H 25” W x 21”H
Socket Count 4 4 4
Need for Bypass Meter Blank-out Cover No No No
7” Color LED Touch Screen Yes Yes Yes
Automated Socket Release Optional Optional Optional
Meter Form Supported 1-6S,8S-10S, 12S-16S, 17S, 25S, 26S, 29S, 32S, 35S, 36S, 45S, 46S, 56S, 66S, 76S, 103S, 109S, 112S, 116S, 135S, 136S, 145S, 166S 1-6S,8S-10S, 12S-16S, 17S, 25S, 26S, 29S, 32S, 35S, 36S, 45S, 46S, 56S, 66S, 76S, 103S, 109S, 112S, 116S, 135S, 136S, 145S, 166S 1-6S,8S-10S, 12S-16S, 17S, 25S, 26S, 29S, 32S, 35S, 36S, 45S, 46S, 56S, 66S, 76S, 103S, 109S, 112S, 116S, 135S, 136S, 145S, 166S
Selectable Voltage to all Sockets 69V, 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 480V 69V, 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, 480V Fully variable between 30V and 480V 0.1V resolution
Selectable Load Current to all Sockets N/A 0A, 2.5A, 5A, 10A, 30A, and 50A Fully variable between 1mA and 50A 1mA resolution
Current Source Compliance Voltage N/A 100mV per phase measured at the socket 100mV per phase measured at the socket
Delivered and Received Current No Yes Yes
Elements A & C A & C A,B & C
Loop Count No No Selectable 1-999
Voltage Circuit Burden 310 VA for each COMBINED four socket bay 310 VA for each COMBINED four socket bay 250 VA per phase for each COMBINED four socket bay
Watthour Accuracy N/A N/A 0.1%
Power Factor N/A 0.5 & 1 Fully variable 0-359.9 degrees
Waveforms Pure Sine Voltage, Voltage Dropped Cycle Pure Sine Voltage and Current; Voltage Dropped Cycle Pure Sine Voltage and Current; Voltage Sag and Swell; Voltage Dropped Cycle; Programmable Voltage and Current Harmonics
Disconnect Testing Yes Yes Yes, with adjustable back-feed voltage
Re-connect Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Communications IR, Radio and PLC IR, Radio and PLC IR, Radio and PLC
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years




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