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Radian Research raises the standard once again to provide a new, innovative solution to Electric Utilities for their meter testing and evaluation needs. RADIAN’s fully customizable WECO SMART AMI Meter Farms utilize the XBee IOT Ecosystem to provide wireless remote control of core functionality at every WECO SMART AMI Meter Farm row independently for unprecedented convenience and versatility.

Standard WECO SMART AMI Meter Farms employ XBee 900 Mhz communications for outstanding range and performance. Other XBee network options are also available. Remotely actuate Voltage, Current and Direction of energy flow for each row in your meter farm. View status of these three states for your entire meter farm from one computer using WECO WATT-Net™ SMART AMI Meter Farm software.

WECO SMART AMI Meter Farms are designed and manufactured by RADIAN to customer specifications. Each panel is designed and manufactured within our Mississippi facility using high-quality components and materials that provide a long lasting, reliable meter testing solution – whatever the environment. Farms consist of multiple single or double panels housing any meter form socket or load configuration. RADIAN Meter Farms are constructed with a choice of high-grade aluminum panels in a fixed or a mobile structure to allow ease of future relocation.

WECO SMART AMI Meter Farms are an economical way for electric utilities to perform firmware updates when deploying AMI meters. Meter Farms are also used for sample meter qualification before deploying the balance of the meters to customers. Long term testing can be done for new meters or hardware prior to release.

WECO SMART AMI Meter Farms can be built to accommodate any quantity of meters for Investor Owned Utilities typically 100 to 200+ sockets and Cooperatives and Municipals typically 10 to 100+ sockets. In addition, Radian will provide assistance, direction and guidance to install the farm on your site and within your specification. Select meter socket mix specifying Meter Forms, Voltages, Load Amperages and Socket Positioning. Construction of our Meter Farms are built with 3R* components for outdoor locations but can be used indoor. RADIAN Meter Farms are built from our long tradition of products that are second to none and will provide many years of cost-effective, trouble-free service.


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