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  WECO 9000



The WECO 9000 Warm-Up Board from Radian Research provides a safe, easy to use, affordable solution to your AMI meter functional testing. The WECO 9000 originated as part of RADIAN InnovateTM Custom Design Solutions. Numerous process improvement workshops RADIAN facilitated at electric utilities have shown us that meter shops are experiencing as low as 65% pass yield on AMI meter testing. This means almost half the meters arriving are transported through the testing process and not ready for accuracy testing. Typical failures include inoperable display, diagnostic errors, disconnect switch in an open state, wrong firmware version, and inability to register on the communications network.

Avoid tying up your accuracy test boards with basic meter failures. Validate the following quickly and easily with the WECO 9000.

• Meter Power Up
• Meter Displays
• AMI Communication
• Firmware Version
• Disconnect Switch Operation
• Clear Error Status


Optimized for Safety and Efficiency

The WECO 9000 incorporates integrated meter detection, minimizing the chance of exposure to hazardous voltages. Each socket has an interlock mechanism to ensure sockets are not powered if empty. This dead front design eliminates the need for meter blanks on unused sockets, increasing operator safety, while decreasing testing time.

Each vertical bank of four sockets is isolated, using a power switch and circuit breaker protection with individual LED power status indication above each socket. This isolation allows operators to change meters without powering down all sockets. No more changing meters on hot sockets. Each socket has a line and load side indicator LED for disconnect switch status. Resettable breakers are also used to protect against misuse or connection of faulty meters. The board is of aluminum construction with locking wheels for greater mobility.

Customize your own WECO 9000

The standard WECO 9000 configuration is double sided with 40 Form 2S sockets per side with 240V at each socket. However, it can be customized to fit your specific needs using the following.

• How many sockets?
• Single sided or double sided?
• What meter Forms?
• What voltage at each socket?
• 120V or 240V service voltage?

Once we have these features defined, we provide you with a quote for your specific configuration.

Standard WECO 9000 Specifications

Dimensions 73.5”H x 100”W x 33”D
Weight 750 lbs. (204 kg.)
Main Breaker Rating 15 Amps

Need additional features? Check out the complete WECO family of single or multi position, fixed or configurable Warm-Up and qualification board solutions.

• WECO 300 Single Position Desktop Meter Test Station

• WECO 8020, 8030, and 8050 Multi Position Meter Qualification Boards

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