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  RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard


Low insertion force Smart Socket™ technology
Fitted with high conduction silver and gold connections, and an electronic socket control,
provide an actuated connection which extends the hardware lifespan.

Each Smart Socket is independent
Provides the ability to run multiple forms simultaneously. This adept unit allows you to test all brands of power line carrier modules when using the manufacturer’s supplied module unit in combination with WECO’s Winboard 3™ software.

Clearly visible LEDs

Indicate when voltage and current are being generated by the test station.

Both Line Side Voltage and Load Side Voltage LED indicators
You can determine if the meter disconnect is operating correctly. Each socket in the Model 8000 is an independent 19” rack mount design, so should a problem arise, a single socket can be removed for service leaving the other sockets operational.

Laser based optics system

Employing high intensity light that safely delivers highly accurate test results from black marks through even the dirtiest disk cover. The optics also has a selection for detecting IR Pulses from
solid state meters.

Front mounted controls
Allow simple test selection and testboard control.

A single optional barcode scanner
Cuts meter processing and data entry time. Scan AEP barcodes on meters with the barcode scanner at any of the test stations to automate the data entry process, saving your shop time and money.


The innovative Model 8000 Meter Test Station is the first of its kind – a multi-position testboard integrating meter qualification and accuracy. This versatile and economic test station is the solution for utilities needing the ability to switch between functional testing and accuracy testing. Separate multi-position testboards are no longer a necessity.

Featuring Direct Drive Current Source (DDCS) technology, the Model
8000 Meter Test Station combines the simplicity of a qualification board with the leverage to deliver accurate load. Perform meter qualification or accuracy tests independently from any meter socket position on the following S-Base Forms: 1-6, 8-10, 12-16, 19-21, 25, 26, 29, 32, 35, 36, 45, 46, 56, 66. Unsurpassed precision, stability, and +/- 0.025% or +/- 0.05% accuracy are ensured by the NIST traceable embedded Radian Research reference standard.

Safety requirements are met by the many security measures we have engineered into the test station. Sockets left exposed will remain deactivated, safeguarding you during operation while the other sockets run meter tests. The Model 8000 has a centrally located emergency off switch and a power switch for each socket module. Each individual socket module has circuit breakers to protect the socket from faulty meters - no more fuses to replace! .

Technical Data

Test Voltage:
Selectable test voltages: 69V, 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V and 480V
Select option 8000C to add 600V

Test Current:

Direct Drive Current Source (DDCS) - Selectable full load currents of .25 - 50 Amps

Phase Angle: 0˚ to 359.9˚ in 0.1˚ steps

System Accuracy: KWH +/− 0.025% or +/− 0.050%,
Test Methodology: Single Phase Series/Parallel, closed link tester

Voltage and Current Sources:
Features fuseless self-protection technology

Supported Meter Forms for KWH Accuracy and Meter Qualification Function:
S-Base Forms: 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, 8S, 9S, 10S, 12S, 13S, 14S, 15S, 16S, 19S, 20S, 21S, 25S, 26S, 29S, 32S, 35S, 36S, 45S, 46S, 56S, or 66S

Input Power:
Input Voltage 120V Single Phase 60Hz; 150W per socket, forward and reverse energy

System accuracy is based upon the high accuracy of the
embedded NIST traceable Radian Reference Standard Technology.

Custom Configurations:
Each Meter Test Station cabinet is built to customer specifications. Maximum of 5 sockets wide and 3 high per cabinet. Minimum of 4 socket positions per cabinet. Possible 4 socket configurations available: 4 sockets horizontal or 2 sockets wide and 2 vertical. Cabinets may be daisy-chained together with one PC control using an Ethernet connection. Custom monitor configuration options include: an internal mount to the system (which absorbs a meter position), external on a left or right monitor arm, or free standing.

PC Minimum System:
Dell™ standard business class Mini Tower PC, 24” flat screen monitor, Microsoft Windows® 7 Pro OS Software: Winboard 3 (Test results are WATT-Net Plus/Express Compatible)

Two (2) year limited warranty (all parts and labor). Manufacturer warranty on computer, barcode scanner, and printers.

Test System Options:
OPTOCOM™: Optics coupler allows pulse testing and meter programming through the optical port of many solid state meters without changing the optics coupler.

Barcode reader with software. The barcode scanner may be connected to any of the sockets.

Barcode printer with software

Computer memory, storage, and operating system upgrades

WATT-Net Plus™ Asset and Smart Grid Device
Management Software - Winboard 3 Compatible

WATT-Net Express™ Device Management Software - Winboard 3 Compatible

Meter Disconnect Switch Test:
Requires a user supplied method to communicate to the AMI Module, typically provided by the AMI vendor or meter manufacturer.


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