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  RD-33 Dytronic Three-Phase Reference Standard


Smart Socket Technology

Smart Socket™ technology will automatically sense the meter and clamp it in place. This provides efficient and safe operation.


What do you do when an electronic meter is received, and you need to get the readings fast? Turn to your trusty Model 3204, of course! Why tie up expensive test equipment and personnel just to take readings?

Smart Socket™ technology will automatically sense the meter and clamp it in place. Use a barcode scanner to scan the meter label or manually enter the meter information and let the 3204 do the rest. The 3204 will route the voltage to the necessary positions supplying 120, 240 or 480 volts to the meter. The 3204’s quiet operation and small footprint make it a perfect addition to your warehouse area.

Technical Data

• Input voltage: 120V single-phase
• Serial interface
• Smart Socket™ with minimal insertion force
• Select meter forms and configure proper voltage routing for meter forms checked by a barcode
• 120V, 240V or 480V
• Forms 5A and 45A require a special A-base adapter
• Optional barcode reader with software
• Weight: 55 lbs.
• Dimensions: 13.5˝ H × 16.5˝ W × 12.5˝ D
• Windows® compatible DLL provided
• Optional PC: Dell™ standard business class Mini Tower PC
• Microsoft Windows® XP Pro operating system, Vista available
• Warranty: Two (2) year limited warranty (all parts and labor). Manufacturer warranty on computer


Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanner: Attach an optional barcode scanner and printer to your testboard to cut meter processing and data entry time. Scan AEP barcodes on meters with a wave of the barcode scanner to automate the data entry process, or print custom barcodes to automate customer information entry during testing. Either way the optional barcode scanner and printer will save your shop time and money.

Single Phase A-Base Adapter

Poly Phase A-Base Adapter


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