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RADIAN Innovate™, designed to order, built to last!

Custom test and process solutions specifically designed to your Electric Utility Meter Shop requirements.

The demands on the Electric Utility Meter Shop have never been greater. With the implementation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) the need for testing has increased, not decreased. Moreover, the scope of testing has grown far beyond traditional accuracy testing to include: meter qualification testing, meter functional testing, firmware verification and validation, and so on. More meters, more types of testing, processed in the same amount of space and with fewer employees. To meet these new challenges the Electric Meter Shop must find innovative solutions for improved energy meter processing efficiency.

Innovation is the application of better solutions to meet new requirements. What can we innovate for you?

RADIAN Innovate is a service from Radian Research specifically designed for Electric Utility Meter Shops and Standards Labs in need of innovative solutions to meet new meter testing and meter processing demands.

The RADIAN Innovate Team has the electric utility industry expertise to apply appropriate resources and technologies for a positive outcome. Our expertise is at your disposal to take an idea through to a deliverable product or service to meet the specific needs of your Meter Shop.

RADIAN Innovate implements proven design processes that include: Consult, Concept, Design & Delivery.

Where would you like to start? We can assist with process flow analysis or we can go directly to a specific testing need or we can do both. With a Meter Shop Process Improvement Workshop we will send members of the RADIAN Innovate Team, including a member that has been certified as a black belt in Transactional Process Improvement, to engage and empower your employees in understanding the current state and working together to identify the waste and define a more efficient flow. If you know of a certain meter testing need that does not have a suitable off-the-shelf solution currently available, then we will listen and understand your testing needs resulting in a requirements document.

Design & Delivery
The ‘Requirements Document’ generated from the consultancy phase along with the approved ‘Concept’ will be the focus of the design phase. New hardware and software Product Development and Rapid prototyping tools are at our disposal allowing RADIAN Innovate to deliver a quality solution in a timely manner.

Post Support Services
RADIAN Innovate responsibilities do not end at delivery. Our Support Services team is on hand and available to take care of all aspects of post delivery; including but not limited to installation, training and maintenance.

Have a need? Have a problem? Have an idea?
Innovation through industry collaboration will be the most important factor in realizing specific solutions to address specific needs. That collaboration begins with contacting the RADIAN Innovate Team.

Have an idea, looking for innovation?

Contact RADIAN Innovate at
or call +1 (765) 449-5522

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