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IEC Meter Test System 

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Three-phase Meter Test Equipment



Three-phase Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2x.x series system is a fully automatic system enabling simultaneous, multi-position calibration and legalization of electric energy meters. The automatics include power sources, reference standards, stand controllers, photoelectric scanning heads, separating transformers, and other elements of the system. All these elements are controlled through a Windows based executive program.

The use of the-latest-design signal processors and advanced technologies of signals synthesis, as well as the unmatched precision, quality and functionality qualify the system for testing all kinds of electric energy meters available on the market, form the simplest electromechanical ones to multi-functional electronic meters, including the prepaid, multi-system, multi-quadrant meters with power recorders, and other.

ASTeL Meter Testing System


For determining the tested meters errors, the ASTeL 3.2 system employs the reference standard meter method. The error of the tested meter is determined by counting impulses generated by the reference standard within gating time determined with the photoelectric scanning head, which detects the meter disc movement or with the LED flash of the tested meter. All kinds of other tests indicated in the subject norms are available, such as the test of no-load condition, the test of starting condition, the test of meter constant, the test of maximum power demand indicator, and many other. An important feature of the system is the fact that it performs automatically additional operations facilitating the testing process, which are not defined in an open way, e.g. the system automatically sets tested meters in the mark-in-front position before performing the test of no-load condition or the test of starting condition.

Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2 system is a modular construction and the user has a great influence on its final arrangement and functionality. The basic functional blocks are the power source, the reference standard, the suspension racks with stand controllers and the computer station with the operating software. A whole range of options and additional accessories are available. The table containing the list of the system basic performance, represented on the next page, may provide help in identifying own individual needs. There are, among others, single-phase systems, three-phase ones, of different class and different number of measuring positions. A list of available accessories is also presented in the table.

Thanks to excellent parameters, great functionality and flexibility the ASTeL 3.2 systems find application in utility companies, energy meter manufacturers, governmental bureaus of metrology and other customers interested in electricity meters testing.

Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2 system is a modular construction with the configuration adjusted for client's individual needs. The basic system modules are: the power source, the reference standard, the suspension rack for tested meters and the computer with control software. Each of these modules may occur in different versions and with different options. For more information refer to the catalogue pages of the system individual components.

WECO Meter Farm
ASTeL system enables performing
all tests required by norms
ASTeL system enables testing the
following types of meters
• Basic error with the possibility of statistical
    analysis of the obtained results
• Checking the starting current
• Checking the no-load run
• Testing energy registers
• Checking the maximum demand registers
   (electromechanical or electronic)
• Checking the pulse outputs
• Pre-heating
• Testing the influence of frequency, harmonic
    distortion, voltage, current and other
    parameters on the meter error

• Active and reactive energy
• Single phase or three phase
• 2, 3 or 4 wire systems
• Electromechanical (also with impulse outputs)
    and electronic (static)
• Meters with closed links
• Multi-tariff, up to 16 tariffs
• With multifunctional inputs/outputs 4/8
• With maximum demand indicator
• Multifunctional with active/reactive energy/power
• With different arrangement of voltage and current
• With non-homogenous output impulses




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